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Condensation in the Window in Swindon?
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Do you wake up to water dripping down your windows? It may be frustrating if the liquid is outside, but it’s a sign that your airtight window installations are working admirably by keeping the colder temperatures at bay. However, if the windows are wet inside, that’s a completely different matter that should be addressed immediately. 

Lack of condensation control will lead to window fogging, peeling wallpaper, and a musty smell throughout the house, as well as the spread of dampness and mould. If left alone, condensation in the window may lead to homeowners experiencing rotting timbers, structural issues, and irreparable damage to personal property. 

If you constantly wipe your windows, please contact us at Emerald Damp Specialists. Serving Swindon and the surrounding areas, we’re fully trained to deal with condensation, dampness, and mould problems. 

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How We Can Help

Once an onsite survey has been completed, we’ll provide you with a full report of our findings, along with recommendations regarding treatment and prevention. We’ll also submit a quotation, which will include your survey refund, should you choose Emerald Damp Specialists to carry out the work.

Our services include the following:

  • Full Site Survey with Detailed Report 

  • Reliable Advice From our Experts

  • Air Testing Procedures

  • PIV System Installation

  • Mould Removal

  • Waterproofing

  • Brickwork Repair

  • Insulation Replacement

  • Plastering and Rendering

  • Repairs to Damaged Surfaces

PIV Systems

Positive input ventilation (PIV) systems are designed to prevent surface condensation by directing stagnant air in the home to the outside. The units, which are discreetly positioned in your loft space, encourage the flow of fresh filtered air throughout the property, thus creating a healthier environment for the entire household. They are programmed to monitor internal temperatures and react accordingly, increasing or decreasing airflow. By discouraging the buildup of humid and stagnant air, PIV systems help to reduce the buildup of condensation in the window and any subsequent problems with dampness or mould. 
In addition, they decrease the amount of carbon dioxide inside and prevent pollen and other external pollutants from invading your space.

The Condensation Control Experts

If you experience any of the following problems in your Swindon property, call our damp proofing specialists on 01793 488708 or 07714 822683 to arrange an on-site survey:
  • Condensation in the Window

  • Window Fogging

  • Rotting Timbers

  • Poor Insulation

  • Mould

  • Rising Damp

  • Penetrating Damp

  • Lack of Ventilation

Survey Charges

We charge £99.00 (Swindon) or £150.00 (outside Swindon)
People always ask why we charge these rates, and it is simply because we guarantee our work. We don’t just repair; we like to find the root cause, and if our team carries out the work, the initial cost is refunded.

We request payment before we carry out the survey (sorry for any inconvenience this may cause).

For this, Emerald Damp Specialists provides:

1. A Report Identifying Any Issues Found
2. Advice From One of Our Specialists About How to Resolve Them
3. A Quotation From Us Relating to the Relevant Work
4. Your Initial Costs Refunded Should You Choose Us to Complete the Work

To book a survey, please provide the following information:

1. Your Full Address
2. Contact Details
3. A Brief Description of the Issue
4. A Suitable Day for Us to Visit

We will then get this booked in for you.

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Call our damp proofing specialists on 01793 488708 or 07714 822683 if you have problems with condensation in the window at your property in Swindon and the surrounding areas.