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Plastering and Rendering

Plastering and Rendering in Swindon
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Plastering and rendering, often mistakenly considered interchangeable techniques, are two distinct crafts that enhance both the interior and exterior of a building. While interior plastering creates smooth surfaces within living spaces, external rendering protects the outer shell. Together, they offer several benefits for aesthetics and functionality, making them vital elements in modern construction and home renovations.

Emerald Damp Specialists offers plastering and rendering services as part of our repair and refurbishment works for clients in Swindon and the surrounding areas we cover. Our damp proofing specialists are widely regarded for effective rising damp, condensation, mould treatments, and structural repairs and groundworks.

The Benefits of Interior Plastering

  • Seamless Perfection

  • Enhanced Acoustics

  • Improved Insulation

  • Fire Resistance

Whether applied to brickwork or uneven surfaces, plastering conceals imperfections, creating a level foundation for paints, wallpapers, or decorative finishes. Smooth walls enhance the visual appeal of any space, creating a feeling of freshness in an otherwise tired interior. 

Well-plastered walls absorb sound efficiently, reducing noise transfer and creating a more peaceful environment. This is particularly beneficial in bedrooms, home offices, and properties located near busy roads or public areas. While not its primary function, plastering can also contribute to thermal insulation, assisting with overall temperature regulations and potentially reducing energy bills.

Modern plaster mixes offer exceptional strength and longevity, protecting walls from cracks and general wear and tear. Additionally, certain plasters boast fire-resistant properties, adding extra safety to your home or property.

Why External Rendering Matters

Renders act as a protective shield against rain, wind, and harsh UV rays, extending the lifespan of walls and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This is particularly crucial due to the inconsistency of our country’s weather conditions.
Modern renders often contain breathable materials that allow moisture to escape from walls, preventing rising or penetrating damp and the associated problems of mould. This ensures a healthy and more comfortable indoor environment.
As some renders incorporate insulating properties, they can help retain heat in the winter and cooler air throughout the summer. This reduces energy consumption and is a bonus for our climate-conscious clients. 
Rendering transforms the facade of a building, providing a fresh and contemporary look. A wide range of colours, textures, and finishes – supplied by our damp proof specialists – lets you personalise your Swindon home's exterior, enhancing both kerb appeal and market value.

Avoid Costly Structural Repairs

By availing of our plastering and rendering services, your home will be further protected from structural issues which may affect its integrity. Our damp proof specialists are also trained in various property repairs and groundworks so we can address potential problems inside and out before completing the plastering or rendering. 
Call us today to find out more about the range of plasters and renders available and take that first step to a fresh and revitalised home.
Survey Charges

We charge £99.00 (Swindon) or £150.00 (outside Swindon)
People always ask why we charge these rates, and it is simply because we guarantee our work. We don’t just repair; we like to find the root cause, and if our team carries out the work, the initial cost is refunded.

We request payment before we carry out the survey (sorry for any inconvenience this may cause).

For this, Emerald Damp Specialists provides:

1. A Report Identifying Any Issues Found
2. Advice From One of Our Specialists About How to Resolve Them
3. A Quotation From Us Relating to the Relevant Work
4. Your Initial Costs Refunded Should You Choose Us to Complete the Work

To book a survey, please provide the following information:

1. Your Full Address
2. Contact Details
3. A Brief Description of the Issue
4. A Suitable Day for Us to Visit

We will then get this booked in for you.

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