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Rising Damp

Mould in the House and Rising Damp in Swindon
| Effective Solutions From Emerald Damp Specialists

If your property requires urgent remedial works to tackle mould in the house or condensation in the window, Emerald’s damp proofing specialists are the team to call. Our services cover a wide range of refurbishments, from rising damp treatments to plastering and rendering. We also complete groundworks and external cleaning services for homeowners in Swindon and the surrounding areas we cover. 

One of Emerald Damp Specialists’ most popular services is the treatment and eradication of damp in older properties. Often mistaken for penetrating damp – which can appear anywhere in the home – rising damp only spreads from the ground level upwards and is particularly prevalent in properties with a missing damp proof course (DPC) or one that has been compromised. Essentially, it is the invasion of excess groundwater, which can lead to structural damage if ignored.

What is a Damp Proof Course?

A damp proof course (DPC) is a barrier installed in walls to prevent moisture from rising from the ground. It is usually made from heavy-duty plastic and fitted just above ground level during construction or around the walls if your property has a basement. However, older buildings or ones with damaged DPCs require a chemical injection to prevent rising damp. Instead of a physical barrier, this means inserting a silicone resin water repellent into the masonry wall.

How to Identify Rising Damp

If you notice any of the following indicators, contact our damp proofing specialists to arrange an onsite survey:

Efflorescence can appear on many masonry materials, such as brickwork, concrete, stone, and stucco plaster. It displays as white or pale grey and results from the groundwater rising through the building material and evaporating, leaving salt deposits behind. 
A failing or non-existent damp proof course is one of the main reasons for efflorescence, as rain or snow will seep into the foundations of your property.

How We Can Help

Our damp proofing specialists use moisture meters to detect dampness levels before advising clients in Swindon and the surrounding areas on the best course of action. This is usually the insertion of a new DPC, preventing the further spread of rising damp. We’ll also treat any affected area to ensure all surfaces are structurally sound before plastering and rendering where necessary. As part of our remedial service, we’ll also conduct masonry repairs, repointing, and external cleaning.
Survey Charges

We charge £99.00 (Swindon) or £150.00 (outside Swindon)
People always ask why we charge these rates, and it is simply because we guarantee our work. We don’t just repair; we like to find the root cause, and if our team carries out the work, the initial cost is refunded.

We request payment before we carry out the survey (sorry for any inconvenience this may cause).

For this, Emerald Damp Specialists provides:

1. A Report Identifying Any Issues Found
2. Advice From One of Our Specialists About How to Resolve Them
3. A Quotation From Us Relating to the Relevant Work
4. Your Initial Costs Refunded Should You Choose Us to Complete the Work

To book a survey, please provide the following information:

1. Your Full Address
2. Contact Details
3. A Brief Description of the Issue
4. A Suitable Day for Us to Visit

We will then get this booked in for you.

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